License to Carry Online In Person LTC Class
Texas DPS Approved
Fulfills Classroom Training for the LTC
Class Certificate Valid for 2 Years
Take the Class from Anywhere
Take the Class on Your Own Time
6 Months Provided to Complete the Class

In 2017, the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) introduced a new category for License to Carry (LTC) applicants, marking the commencement of online classes for LTC. Previously known as concealed handgun license instructors, Texas LTC instructors were limited to conducting the class in a single 4-6 hour session within a physical classroom. Following the classroom segment, students would accompany the instructor to the shooting range for the proficiency demonstration, requiring a total commitment of 5-6 hours. This schedule posed challenges for many individuals with busy agendas. To address this, the online LTC class was established to offer greater flexibility.

The online Texas LTC class covers the 4-hour classroom component of the conventional in-person LTC class. Instead of enduring a lengthy classroom session with various individuals, students can complete the class at their convenience from any location, using devices such as smartphones, tablets, or computers. The online class, utilizes audio and video formats exclusively, eliminating the need for extended reading. The 4-hour class can be paused and resumed as necessary, allowing completion in a single sitting or over an extended period.

Although the online class mirrors the content and instruction of a traditional in-person class, the drawback lies in the inability to ask immediate questions. However, the proficiency demonstration is a mandatory component for all online Texas LTC classes, regardless of the hosting company. The demonstration consists of range instruction and shooting qualification, both defined by Texas DPS. While the range instruction duration and content are at the discretion of the instructor, the proficiency demonstration ensures that students cover basic firearms safety, shooting techniques, and a qualification round involving 50 shots at 3, 7, and 15-yard distances.

Ultimately, the choice between the Online and In-Person LTC classes depends on the student’s personal preference and schedule. Both formats deliver the same material, and the decision often comes down to whether individuals prefer the flexibility of online learning from home or the structured time commitment of a traditional in-person class.